The Pacific Association of the AndalusianLusitano Horse (PAALH) is a volunteer-run incorporated non-profit society created to bring together the people who share in the love of the Andalusian & Lusitano horse.

PAALH’s mandate is to educate its members and the public on the history of the Andalusian & Lusitano, on the unique characteristics of the breed, and on the equestrian cultures of the mother countries of this magnificent horse – Spain and Portugal.  PAALH also vows to protect and advance the interest of these amazing horses and to host competitions to promote them.

You do not have to own one of these horses to be a member of this association. Your enthusiasm is all that is required.  We welcome you to join us and attend our events to experience these beautiful horses for yourself.  We are confident that you will be introduced to the horse of your dreams! 

A variety of perspectives exist regarding the history, bloodlines and morphology of the beautiful Andalusian & Lusitano horse. PAALH respects the variety of opinions representing the history and bloodlines of these amazing Iberian horses.